Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Valentine Pockets

I am so excited about these!

When we were small, my mother made Valentine Pockets for us! We hung these Valentine Pockets in the beginning of February and throughout the month we would secretly write love notes to each other and tuck them away in the individual pockets. If Mom ever noticed us being especially kind she would write the kindness on a little note and tuck it away in our Valentine Pocket. By February 14th our pockets were bulging!

Just before we had our special Valentine dinner, Mom would pass out our pockets and we would read all the love notes we had received. We always had lovely little family Valentine's Days.

I am now offering these custom Valentine Pockets in the Shop!

Whether you would like one pocket for the whole family, or a pocket for each member - I'm sure you'll enjoy starting your very own Valentine Pocket tradition.

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