Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Every year, after the Christmas decorations are carefully packed away, I am always surprised by how pale my house looks. With all the vibrancy of the rich oranges of fall and the shimmery reds and greens of Christmas tucked neatly away in boxes, I am always left feeling a little blah in the color department.

I was experiencing these familiar feelings this week when I pulled out my table runner that I had quilted this summer.

A smile instantly spread across my face. I had forgotten, with it being in storage the last several months, how very much I loved the cheery colors. My table was no longer feeling so blah, though I wish I could say the same for the rest of my tiny house!

This particular line of fabric, Essence by Sandy Gervais, is difficult to find these days. After much online hunting, I was able to find just enough fabric to make one more table runner. If you are needing a dash of color to bring a smile to your January table, no fear! I am hoping to have this table runner completed soon.

And if you are REALLY looking for a splash of color, be sure to check out our first run of Valentine goodies this very Monday!

Happy New Year!

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