Friday, September 10, 2010

Simple Words

When I was growing up, this sign hung in the entry way of our home. I passed it multiple times a day, often glancing at it as I rushed by. Of all the delightful things my mother filled our home with, (and,oh my, were there ever so many delightful things!) this particular sign burrowed its way into my mind. I knew, even as a teenager, that this was the motto I would someday want to raise my family by. So, in my early twenties, years before I was married, I bought an identical sign. I then carefully packed it away for the time that it would hang in my own home. It has hung for the last 10 1/2 years in every apartment, condo, and home that we have lived in, and is always one of the first things out of the box on moving day.

I have come to realize that there is a power found in very simple words. Words have the ability to inspire, comfort, motivate and even recreate sweet memories of years gone by. And I know, from personal experience, the remarkable and lasting effect surrounding a child with written words can have.

Can you guess what fills my house? Words, words, and more words. There are words everywhere! (I think that I may be referred to by some family members as the crazy sign lady. Oh well!) Over my bed hangs the sign 'Always Kiss Me Good Night.' In our dining room is the sign 'There's No Place Like Home.' In our family room the words read 'It's a Wonderful Life'. Above the door to our home, to help my children remember the three most important things every time they leave, are the words 'Faith, Family, Friends'. I came across a sign the other day in a lovely little primitive shop in Colorado that read, 'Love You More!'. Now, I had sworn upon entering the store that I wouldn't buy a sign. But guess what sits on our table now? You guessed it - 'Love You More!' (Now, I must explain that this phrase is one we have said multiple times a day in our family for years. That's a perfectly good justification, right???)

Now, before you join my family in thinking that I am the crazy sign lady, these words have made our house a home. I have thoughtfully tried to surround my sweet little son and daughter with words that will uplift and inspire them. Words that might come to them when they are having a particularly difficult day at school, or when they are feeling uncertain of just who they are. It is my hope that as they grow older they will remember our love and that, truly, 'There Is No Place Like Home.'

What about you?
What are some of your favorite words in your home?

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  1. My all time favorite signs are "All because two people fell in love" is above our door and in our Gathering/Dinning room we have "Friends and Family Gather Here" The "Always kiss me goodnight is above our headboard. I truly believe that it is the simple words in life that teach our children what we would like them to learn while we are not watching.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. What memories you can bring back with words. My grandmother used to "love me more" because there was more of her to love me, but I countered that I "love you more" because there is more of you to love! Oh, how I miss her and my mother. Thanks for the memories!

  3. Very nice memories that you can carry on with you.

  4. Above my fireplace says Gather Together With Thankful Hearts It will be staying for a very long time! Dianntha

  5. "Enjoy the Journey" is a favorite of mine. I also recently heard one that I thought was cute, "Please excuse the mess. My children are making memories." =)

  6. I love words too! Thank you for sharing your favorites! I have a sign in my family room that says, "at home, find comfort and rest". That's what I want my home to feel like!