Friday, October 1, 2010

Mini Pillow Kits and a Twist

Happy October!

Do you ever feel that once October hits, things get busier and busier until Christmas? I always seem to have so many projects I want to start, fun ideas I want to work on - but how to find the time...

With this in mind, Harvest Moon Hollow is releasing our

Fall Mini Pillow Kits!

In each of these kits you'll find a simple project that can be completed in just one short sitting. Before you know it, you'll have made a delightful mini fall pillow, just the right size to fill up the little nook or cranny that is still waiting for its touch of Fall Magic. In each kit you'll find -

*the perfect amount of DMC floss
*coordinating button (LOVE these, so fun!)
*finished pillow (no sewing machine required)

All you need is a needle!

With the mini pillow kits, you can have the satisfaction that comes from finishing a project in a short amount of time. That just sounds down right lovely to me. I currently have six different kits over in my Shop for a steal of a price. Hop on over and take a look - they are so easy and convenient you may just want to make one of each!

Now to the twist!

Here's a twist on the Warm Winter Minter Quilt that we released on Wednesday.

So many possibilities! So much fun!
I've already started receiving orders for the mitten quilts, so be sure to place your order soon before I run out of space!

Have a lovely first of October!

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  1. Oh my word, I LOVE the kits!! I need me one of those!