Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A New Cozy Corner

Good Morning!

I know that many of my followers are fellow stitchers.

Do you ever find yourself completing a stitching of one kind or another and just not know how to finish it? Putting your stitching in another frame seems repetitive and the thought of the time spent to finish your work of art into a quilt, wall hanging or pillow seems tedious - or maybe even overwhelming.

What's a stitcher to do?

Harvest Moon Hollow is excited to announce a new cozy corner in the Hollow.

Harvest Moon Hollow's Finishing Corner

I am pleased to now add finishing services in the Hollow. Let me give you a little glimpse of how it works...

This lovely stichery is the work of Natalie over at A Stitch In Time. Isn't it beautiful? She sent it my way and once I received it the fun began.

I started by sending multiple pics of various fabric swatches (seen above) to Natalie.
Once we found the perfect match, I got to work.

Upon completion I sent her a pic of the final product to make sure it was just what she wanted.

I then packaged it up the Harvest Moon Hollow way and sent it her direction.

Simple as that!

With the holidays fast approaching, our Finishing Corner may prove invaluable to you.
I recognize that the idea of sending your stitchery away may cause you to gasp. But, here in the Hollow, we will love and care for your little one just as if it was our own.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Finishing Corner, please email me. You will find our prices to be very competitive.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Yippee!! I am so glad you have decided to do this because I have ideas for next year's monthly ornament, and I will need your help. Woo hoo!

  2. I wish you good fortune in your endeavor. Natalie's pillow is darling!

  3. I love how that pillow turned out! Good luck in your finishing endeavor and if ever I need some help I will be sure to holler. For now, I am trying to learn some finishing techniques so that I have the skills.

    Gosh, I just LOVE that pillow...