Monday, October 4, 2010

Too Many Pumpkins!

I had a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring weekend!
I hope yours was just as delightful.

Speaking of delightful, check on this absolutely scrumptious fabric I picked up this weekend.
The lighting is terrible, but I think you can get the general idea.
I am just itching to take these beauties and make a few Thanksgiving Quilts.
I just love fabric...

You know what else I just can't get enough of?
Children's Seasonal Books.

In our home we have a book basket that takes a very prominent position in our family room.
Each season it is filled to the brim with different books.
My children absolutely squeal with delight when the holiday books make their appearance.

This is one of our all time favorites.
It chronicles the sweet Rebecca Estelle and her adventure with too many pumpkins.
The illustrations are lovely, Megan Lloyd is one of my favorite illustrators.

And when you are done reading this book, your mouth will be watering as you can almost smell the aroma of baking pumpkin and cinnamon in the air.

It's a wonderful book for children of all ages.


  1. I do the same thing with children's books for Christmas - only for our grandchildren! Won't be long, Dawn

  2. Love all the wonderful fabric!

  3. When my kids were young, we did the same thing. I miss that. I will have to check this book out too. Dianntha